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Fun Ways to Exercise Your Mind, Body and Spirit to Create a Happier Work Life Balance

Tending to your mind body and spirit will certainly help you stay healthy and live a balanced life style. It seems though that everyone has their own ideas of what a balanced life style means. What works for one person may be abhorrent to another. The one size fits all idea is crazy in this day and age. Individuality is always the key. When you find something that work for you stick with it until it starts to not feel good anymore. I know of an eighty-five year old man who still swims every morning and can walk miles. He eats a simple diet by choice and is incredibly fit. He’s very small in stature but enjoys his life which as well as his exercise routine includes weekly Japanese lessons which he has been taking for years. He’s also a church goer so in my opinion is enjoying a healthy lifestyle because he nurtures his mind body and soul.

Doing what makes you happy is the key here. If someone makes a New Year’s resolution to get fit, stop smoking or lose weight, if they are doing it because they feel the “should” they are very likely to give up before too long. Likewise if a child leaves school early in their education because they hate it and they have bad grades, they may well go back to school at a later date to study something that interests them. If this is the case it is much more likely that they would be much more successful at their studies because it’s been their “choice” to return.

When we are inspired to do something it is always more enjoyable and we achieve better results than if we are motivated to do something. Motivation suggests being coerced into something from an external force, whereas inspiration suggests an internal desire. Internal inspiration is what creates masterpieces and inventions whereas external motivation may come from a fear of failing or unpleasant consequences.

The things you choose don’t really matter, it is more that they are your choices and not things imposed upon you by someone else. If I told you that you had to sit for 20 minutes twice a day and meditate to lower your blood pressure and you got bored easily and hated having to sit still, meditating would be a chore. It may even cause you stress and irritation, something that is certainly not an environment conducive to lowering your blood pressure.

The more happiness you can create in your life the healthier you are likely to be. If you are inspired to try any of these activities it’s a good indicator that they may enhance your life. If not, why not come up with your own list? Inspiration of any kind comes from your inner wisdom and it’s always a good idea to listen to that. No one knows what is best for you more than you so be guided by your inner knowing and see how these suggestions can help you relieve stress, and bring balance into your life.

Nurture your mind

Write a poem
Do crossword puzzles
Play scrabble
Play internet games to distract your mind from your worries
Eliminate negative thoughts for 1 hour each day. (This is actually a big challenge – try it)
De-clutter your room, desk or home and you will find it helps to clarify your thinking

Nurture you body

Do some gardening
Have a massage or facial
Take a long relaxing bubble bath
Try aqua aerobics
Go for a hot air balloon ride
Go for a swim

Nurture your spirit

Read something inspirational
Take picture of happy family events
Spend time with people that share your spiritual views
Write out 3 wonderful things about yourself everyday
Release your anger by imagining the person you are having a problem with sitting opposite you
Let nurturing your mind body and soul be something that you find inspiring, fun and a joy and you will find yourself living your best life.

Chakra Balancing – Aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit

10 years ago when I used the word chakra people would look at me as though I had a two heads.

As yoga and energy healing has moved to a more mainstream position, the word chakra is now known by many. The word chakra is Sanskrit meaning wheel of light.

Within the body we carry 7 charkas or energy centres. These 7 centres are gateways or portals in which the universal energy can enter our body filling us with health and vitality.

When these chakras are healthy they provide us with energy and everything seems to flow easier into our lives.

When the chakras are blocked we can feel discombobulated, drained and lethargic. By healing and balancing these 7 chakras it can renew our energy and heal all aspects of self.

The seven chakras are as follows:

The Root Chakra (the colour of deep rich red)-Located at the base of the spine. It is responsible for our connection to the earth plane and this basic physical reality of life. The root chakra balances and heals the reproductive organs, legs, tailbone, feet and adrenal glands. Balancing this chakra it fills you with a new sense of security, courage and self confidence.

The Sacral Chakra (the colour bright orange)-This chakra located, just below the navel, influences the spleen, reproductive system and the lumbar plexus. This chakra controls clear thinking and creativity. This chakra offers us the opportunity to acknowledge our issues regarding control, especially in our relationship with others. It is also where your creativity emerges from.

The Solar Plexus (the colour of sunny yellow)-Located in your stomach, just above your navel. This chakra governs the stomach, liver, small intestine digestion, the pancreas and skin. This intuitive chakra is the source of “gut feeling. The signal to take action or avoid something. By strengthening this chakra you can begin to trust the signals that you receive from it. The solar plexus is also responsible for the health of our self esteem and self worth. When this chakra is functioning optimally our self esteem and our intuitive skills are enhanced.

The Heart Centre (the colour of emerald green)-Located within the chest, this chakra governs the thymus, lungs, and responsible for controlling the immune system. The heart centre is associated with love. However this chakra can also carry heartache and bitterness, grief, pain and fear. Balancing the heart centre is the purest form of healing. By connecting with love energy you can release all negativity and replace it with new, fresh energy strengthening this chakra.

The Throat Centre (the colour of sky )-Located in the throat, physically this charkra governs the thyroid gland, neck, ears and respiratory system. This chakra is responsible for communication through our spoken word and how we express ourselves to others. When this chakra is healthy, you are able to openly and honestly express yourself. When we feel we cannot express ourselves truthfully it clouds this centre. If you have been honouring your beliefs and speaking your truth, this centre will be in balance. If you have been ignoring your voice, or using silence this centre may be off balance.

The Third Eye (The colour of indigo)-Located in the middle of the forehead, this chakra is responsible for a deep level of being that we call the spirit. It is related to the act of seeing. Both physically and intuitively. when this centre is balanced you become more aware of your inter-connectivity and oneness with all of existence.

Play Better Golf – Prepare Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

If you tend to have a bad case of the Yips on short putts, or if you find yourself so tensed when you step on to the course that the game of golf is more of a torture than a release of tension, you have to do something about it.

The best you can do apart from maintaining a good fitness level and eating nutritious meals is focusing on your mental state. Mental skills once developed and honed can take your body and your game of golf a long way.

Without proper mental preparedness, golfers often find themselves losing concentration at key moments, having their emotions interfere with their performance, and having even the fittest of bodies fail them at crucial periods within the game.

If you take golf lessons, mental preparedness is usually focused on after you have mastered swing techniques.

There are various methods by which you can develop your mind so that it can in turn take your body’s performance to new heights. Reducing stress is key. Practicing yoga, meditation, deep relaxation techniques, engaging in exercises such as Pilates, and even listening to and learning to play an instrument are some of them. Yoga

Practicing yoga has numerous benefits such as decreasing anxiety, relaxing the mind, improving alertness and concentration, increasing your ability to judge depth and distance, augmenting the mind/body connection, and overall heightening your sense of well-being. It has also been shown to increase memory capacity and learning.

Of course, it has its physiological benefits too–it increases your energy levels, muscular strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture, and balance. For golfers, the added benefits are that it increases grip strength, which is very important for that proper swing; reaction time–so that you have the added advantage of extra time to adjust your posture, position etc, before that key stroke; and depth perception–so you can masterfully vary the power of your swing.

Besides, yoga focuses also on proper breathing techniques, which results in proper oxygenation of the brain, improving your ability to think coherently. Pilates

Pilates is a technique that involves a series of controlled movements that engage both the mind and body. Designed to build your body’s core muscle strength and flexibility without building bulk but instead streamlining your body, Pilates is now widely used for rehabilitation purposes as well. The key is that the mind plays an important part in the healing process. For that matter, the mind is all-important for any activity; golf being no exception. Meditation

Rob Nairns explains in his book, “What is Meditation?” that meditation is a highly alert and skillful state of mind.

Yoga practice goes hand in hand with meditation. You are psychologically present with whatever is happening–even though you are going through physical movements, you are concentrating on your breathing, your posture. The same is true of Pilates.

The whole concept of a “mental shift”‘ really makes sense because neuroscientists have long known that when we meditate, brain activity shifts to different regions of the cortex. The right frontal cortex is the stress-related region and meditation moves brain waves from there to the left frontal cortex, which is the calmer region. This negates the harmful effects of stress or anxiety, or even those down-in-the-dumps feelings. Meditation also reduces activity in the amygdala, which is the fear-processing region of the brain. Relaxation and Other Mind Techniques


Relaxation, which can be accomplished as easily as setting yourself in a calm environment and just letting your mind and body rest can be an effective stress reducer. Imagery

Imagery is the practice of imagining yourself in a situation or accomplishing a task before the event actually takes place. This method can be used as a rehearsal technique before any major event, even if you cannot actually physically rehearse or practice everything.

Top sports people invariably use this technique to visualize their next move, strategies that they can employ in different situations, and as a method to control their actions, even if the actions may not be taken immediately following the visualization. When the events that they have mentally rehearsed actually take place, their response is effective and so natural that it is perceived as habitual.

Sometimes, people have difficulty even mastering the swing. And, most often, all it takes is a mental shift to free your body from the restrictions your mind is imposing on it.

It’s always a good idea to also use imagery to pre-experience achievement–imagine yourself swinging the golf club to perfection and hitting every fairway or green. This helps to give you confidence each time to step out on to the golf course.

There are other mind development courses that you can do, which will help to increase your mental acuity, improve visualization, and even improve your eyesight.

Practices For Mind, Body and Spirit Balance

“Today, find ways to create balance in your life. Cast all negativity in a positive light, and let go of any fears that block the flow of vital energy within your mind, body and spirit.” – Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso
I recently downloaded the “Healing Cards” application for my iPod, which was created by Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso. There are fifty gorgeously designed cards created with the intention of providing users with a daily practice for maintaining spiritual balance. Because we are all so wrapped up with the stresses and minutia of everyday life, it’s very handy to open up the application and reflect on the healing thought/meditation and accompanying guidance as they rotate through.

One particular card that resonated with me began with the healing thought: “To heal illness, begin by restoring balance.” This seems really obvious, but how well do most of us accomplish this? Self-care is an important part of restoring balance. The healing card talks about reconnecting and living in harmony with nature, citing that many “spiritual traditions also find a strong link between physical health and spiritual well-being.”

In addition to practices that connect and ground us to nature around us (spending time outdoors, eating healthy, nourishing foods, embracing the change of seasons) we can observe other practices to help us create and restore balance. Some of these include:

• Reframing our life in a positive way
• Finding opportunities for gratitude on a daily basis
• Spending time with loved ones
• Sending love and compassion to our fears and traumas (as well as doing the necessary work to properly integrate and release them)
• Taking time to rest

Practices and healing therapies that directly help or teach you how to reconnect to your body, mind and spirit are also necessary for good self-care. They include: energy healing (Reiki, Qi Gong, etc.), meditation and breathwork, yoga, Tai Chi, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.

Our body instinctively knows it needs. Watch children and you can see how attuned they are to what their bodies need. The older we get, the less we stop listening because of internal or outside stressors that pull us in numerous and competing directions. Some of these stressors are an unavoidable part of life, but we can find ways to minimize their influence. Self-care is the first step towards integrating the healing we need and increasing the flow of beneficial energy for restoring mind, body and spiritual balance in our lives.

Music Is a Powerful Healing Tool for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Stretch Negatively Affects Your Total Being

Anxiety and pain have a method for depleting the body, brain and soul, particularly subsequent to managing delayed anguish. On occasion you may feel your whole being is totally spent from warding off the agony of life and battling the encompassing pessimism. In those times, it appears to be difficult to do anything helpful to surrender you an edge on the apparent war, or possibly recapture your balance in the fight. Possibly you’re simply tired of the every day battle and your spirit shouts out for a truce so you can tend to your fight wounds.

Utilizing Music to Heal and Renew

Music can be that impermanent respite you’re searching for, that craved break from reality and the anxiety it holds. All the more critically, it can be utilized as a method for managing your distress and notwithstanding helping you confront it head on. In times of perplexity, depletion or sadness, it’s great to give tune and song a chance to assume control while you immediately rest. The satisfying sounds can solace and recuperating to the body and soul, particularly in a period of agony; anxiety can be lifted from your brain while muscles unwind and fundamental signs ease toward commonality. It can likewise be utilized as an approach to vent your sentiments and feelings that may somehow or another be hard to discharge. Music is presently generally utilized for restorative purposes as a part of clinical settings and recommended as a recuperating device. Proceed, exploit its normal mending properties and use this melodic solution for restoration at just about at whatever time, wherever at no expense.

Sustain Yourself Through Music

Let you’re thankfulness, revelation and delight of any music devour you totally for a revival of quality. Utilize the under tapped force of music to mend your whole being from the back to front. There are distinctive methodologies you can take to encounter your own particular musical treatment.

Get in a tranquil spot to listen to your most loved music. Stay composed, close your eyes and totally assimilate what you listen. Try not to consider anything with your psyche; simply feel the music with your heart. Listen to the cadence, keep the beat, know about the tune and turn into a part of the tune.

Put on another style of music you’ve never listened to, whether it’s rap, enormous band or even what your children or guardians appreciate. Open your brain to acknowledge music you’ve never investigated.

Unwind and take a moderate full breath; let the hints of delicate music encompass you like a warm cover and solace you.

Attempt an alternate cadence, one with a solid beat. Feel the force and delight of hard, beating music as it fortifies you and replaces the anxiety or distress in your heart.

Discover a tune that communicates what you can’t say, relate to the words and feelings then attempt to discharge your own. Possibly you can relate to a tune of misery, misfortune, resentment, or one of fearlessness and reconstructing. Listening to religious melodies help me when I’m excessively confounded or hurt, making it impossible to tell God precisely how I feel.

Maybe you are skilled in music and might want to lose yourself in the vitality of the tune you sing or play on an instrument. (You could attempt this regardless of the possibility that you’re not musically capable!)

Investigate your own thoughts on how the force of music can be utilized to reestablish your quality, inspiration, vitality and determination to associate again into your existence with restored euphoria.

Support your body, brain and soul.

Getting Pregnant – The Three of You Together

You may not discover any of my recommendations on the most proficient method to get pregnant in any medicinal writings. These are my sentiments and perceptions in view of encounters in my mending service in the course of recent decades, my mystical and profound examination… furthermore, some depend on sound judgment.

There are three unmistakable stages to your voyage in growing a family:

Stage 1. getting pregnant,

Stage 2. being pregnant, and

Stage 3. raising the tyke.

Stage 3 takes years. Stage 2 takes months. Stage 1 takes minutes. Doing every part together, man and lady joined in reason, reduces the weights and builds the delights for you both, for your tyke, and for the human family. For right now, how about we concentrate on Phase 1: how to get pregnant, intentionally and care-completely.

To start with, we should consider what is required in Phase 1, how to grow an infant:

Part I: an egg

Part II: a sperm

Part III: the gift of Life itself

Part III: The gift of Life itself

We’re not beginning of request. We’re beginning with the absolute most essential thing for you both to acknowledge and pay consideration on. In the event that you truly get this area, you will comprehend why you totally need to do Parts I and II and how it helps you get pregnant… particularly in the event that “it” hasn’t been working for you.

This data might be unfamiliar to some of you. It comes to me through my profound/supernatural studies, which incorporate the book of scriptures, the Edgar Cayce readings, and the Human Design material.

The Human Design System is diverted material about comprehension our life on earth in a physical body. With respect to, it recommends that the egg opens itself to that sperm which “has the products.”

You may have seen recordings of an ovum encompassed by sperms beating on the outside to get in. Infinitesimal examination demonstrates to us that sooner or later the egg itself opens to permit in a picked sperm, the good for one.

Human Design recommends that the picked sperm has really gotten a fiery drive from the world’s life power, giving it that additional oomph or flash that separates it from the various ones thumping on the entryway. So this framework recommends that the gift of Life itself originates from profound inside the soul of Gaia, the earth.

Contrast this with the diverted data in the Edgar Cayce readings, which recommends that, while period is a law of nature, origination is a law of God. It’s not only a physiological union of sperm and egg. Something more is going on. Something phenomenal.

Both of these sources allude to origination as a vigorously improved element, that is, a power or power or vitality more noteworthy than ourselves with control over origination.

Doesn’t this help us comprehend the tough test of in vitro preparation? An irregular sperm without that sparkle, coercively infused into an egg, doesn’t have a possibility. It hasn’t been “honored,” maybe, by a power or power more prominent than the physical parts.

So now you choose – which one feels better to you? Whether you reverberate to “the soul of Life,” “the gift from the earth,” or “a law of God,” plainly we need to perceive that something additional is going on when the egg acknowledges a specific sperm, something entirely past one sperm thumping the entryway before alternate ones can get in.

My recommendation for you would be that you spiritualize your musings about having a child. You are, obviously, developing your own family, proceeding with your own particular familial ancestry; in the meantime you are adding to the human family and taking your places on the Great Wheel of Life, as the Native Americans would say.

That is the reason I’ve set this segment on ‘the gift of Life itself’ first: to tell you how uncommon – sacred, maybe – this endeavor for you to get pregnant truly is. It’s more than both of you, more than a lady and a man. It’s co-making on an abnormal state. What’s more, I wish more than anything that you acknowledge this and acknowledge what a gift making another life truly is. It’s both of you, in addition to Something Else, call it what you will. “Supernatural occurrence” would be fitting.

Presently, in any case both of you ask/revere/think/fit your hearts and psyches, I feel you can amplify your odds of effective origination by connecting to the heart and brain of Life/God/Allah/Buddha/Spirit/Love/the Force. Live on a more elevated amount, a more profound or illuminated level starting now and into the foreseeable future.

This is the way to how to get pregnant – raising your own vibrations to draw in that extraordinary Life flash for origination. Hone this together while you are doing the recommendations in Part I for the lady and Part II for the man.

Part I: The egg or ovum, the lady’s commitment to origination

It bodes well that the egg – and the earth in which it will flourish as an embryo – should be solid for you to persuade pregnant and to be pregnant. For the following couple of months in readiness for getting pregnant, you might need to consider altering your sustenance admission to additional

– naturally developed, crude sustenances, when conceivable

– a great mineral/vitamin supplement,

– digestive catalysts to amplify healthful admission and

– adequate hydration (otherwise known as, water) to keep tissues solid and squanders flushed out.

Likewise maintaining a strategic distance from or constraining the harming components in the eating routine – like prepared nourishments, quick sustenances, liquor, medications, caffeine, and high-fructose corn syrup – reinforces and breathes life into your regenerative framework and your entire body.

Talking about quality, you’ll feel a great deal better while pregnant on the off chance that you go into it feeling more grounded. Consider a mix of day by day developments – like strolling, swimming, yoga, light weights – to put your body into a far better shape than it as of now is.

We should likewise consider the measure of compound poisons we as of now have expended from a lot of our handled sustenances, in our water, and in our surroundings. In light of the aggregation of burdens and poisons as of now in our frameworks, it might be a smart thought to give yourself a progression of stomach castor oil packs to rinse the tummy tissues and clean the new child’s first home environment – your gut. You may likewise need to look at some colon purifying projects to help this along.

You can discover a truly fantastic hotspot for castor oil packs and an intestinal purifying powder at Get two, one for each of you. A pack is useful for every one of the ten sessions, which will give you awesome purifying results.

Doing a progression of 10 packs more than five (5) weeks, doing two packs a week, will enhance your regenerative framework’s wellbeing, and also your disposals and resistant framework capacity.

Packs take not exactly 60 minutes. They’re a bit on the untidy side yet so is pregnancy as is birth as is raising a tyke and carrying on with an existence. So get it done.

What’s more, do the packs together with your mate, devoutly, with goal… much the same as life should be lived.

Making every one of these strides, intentionally, can raise your vibrational levels and expand the physical imperativeness of your regenerative framework and your whole body. I urge you to take two or three self-sustaining months to plan and “prepare” your inward garden for growing a sound, new delightful infant.

Part II: The sperm, the man’s commitment to origination

The same refreshing rules will be useful for expanding your essentialness levels, as well, men, and also doing the arrangement of castor oil packs – and why not do them together with your mate? How valuable it would be for you two to step to deliberately co-make another life!

Likewise for you, ease up on tight jeans and clothing. Have a go at wearing boxer shorts or clothing with legs for the months you are get ready to get pregnant. Give your blood course the opportunity to travel through your conceptive cells and convey that nurturing sustenance and purging where it’s generally required.

Stage 3 Getting Pregnant just takes minutes and Phase 2 Being Pregnant takes months. So would it say it isn’t justified regardless of a little arrangement now for you both to be truly prepared and solid? We are, all things considered, discussing a supernatural occurrence.

Do whatever you can to hoist your own particular vitality to draw in that uncommon gift of Life’s motivation. Take a couple of months of purifying, great eating regimen, raising your vibrations. Furthermore, when you conclude that you’re prepared to attempt to get pregnant, then attempt this basic recommendation:

Timing and Position

Obviously you will need to comprehend what is the top time for ovulation, whether by checking a logbook, taking your temperature, or simply detecting when the body is prepared.

Before sexual union, put a cushion under the lady’s hips. This height while lying on her back helps gravity to permit more sperms get up to the cervix and into the uterus than most different positions.

The reason now is to fill the vagina with sperms to start with, with the man’s climax, and after that, make the lady’s climax. Along these lines, the greater part of the accessible sperms can be sucked up into the uterus as it fits.

For the man, it’s best for him to turn his hips in a roundabout movement. Moving in and out causes the penis to unwind decently not long after climax and this is not what you need. You need to have the capacity to have the man’s climax in the first place, yet at the same time have the capacity to make the lady’s climax later, to maneuver the sperms up into the uterus. Round revolution will permit you to have the climax without losing a great part of the erection. (On the off chance that the erection does not keep going sufficiently long for the lady’s climax to happen, you know different approaches to give her what she needs. Ideally.)

For some time a short time later, the lady ought to stay with the cushion under her hips while the sperms go up into the uterus. As of now, both of you can unwind together in peace and adoration, imploring that you’ve gotten “the products” enough get pregnant. Discuss this together. Picture it happening. Look forward with delight and energy to Phase 2: Being Pregnant.

One final thing… in the event that the planning of ovulation is correct, origination can happen in the fallopian tubes. At that point the recently framed zygote takes around five days to go into the uterus and append to the wa